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iSkin Protouch FX Keyboard Clear Protector 15-inch (PTFXMB-AR)
iSkin Protouch FX Keyboard Clear Protector 15-inch
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iSkin Protouch FX Keyboard Clear Protector for MacBook Air & Macbook Pro UniBody - Arctic (Printed Keys)
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Protecting, maintaining and keeping your MacBook Air & *MacBook Pro* unibody beautiful for years to come is important to you. But how can you keep food, spills and other hazards from attacking your keyboard — and ruining its pristine good looks and reliable performance? Easy! You protect your MacBook Air or *MacBook Pro* unibody with the innovative, stylish and long–lasting ProTouch!

  • Featuring Microban® protection to inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria on the product
  • Now available with a fabulous new feature: printed keys!
  • Design to Fit
  • *Works with MacBook released after November 2007 and MacBook Pro released on October 14, 2008*

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