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20" Used iMac 1.8GHz G5 (M9250LL/A) (M9250LL/A)
20" Used iMac 1.8GHz G5 (M9250LL/A)
Product Details:
20" iMac 1.8GHz G5 (M9250LL/A) 20-inch iMac 1.8GHz G5, 1GB Memory, 160GB Hard Drive, Superdrive - 2 MONTHS WARRANTY
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Ships in 2 - 3 business days.
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90 Days Warranty
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Memory Upgrades (iMac G5)

   Upgrade to 2GB [Add $69.00]

Mouse & Keyboard

Mac desktop computers don't come with mouse and keyboard from PartSquad.Com . Most customers don't want used keyboard and mouse. Your can order brand new keyboard and mouse set with your order.
   Apple White ( Used ) [Add $30.00]
   Apple White ( Brand New ) [Add $80.00]
   Apple Slim Set ( Used ) [Add $45.00]
   Apple Slim Set ( New ) [Add $130.00]

MB Accessories

Snap-on protective leather (imitation leather) shells, and cases will protect your valuable Mac. You can access to all ports and CD/DVD slot and suede inner lining to prevent scratches to your Mac.
   Macbook Leather Cover ( Black ) [Add $29.00]
   Macbook Leather Cover ( Red ) [Add $29.00]

Additional Product Details
20" iMac 1.8 GHz G5
1.8 GHz G5
Memory 1 GB ( 2 GB Max.)
Harddrive 160 GB
Optical Drive
Super Drive
Airport & Bluetooth  Built-in
Operating System
10.4 Tiger
Condition Certified Pre-Owned
Not Included Installation CDs, Application CDs, Manuals, Keyboard & Mouse (optional)

Manufacturer Information
( Not the exact computer configuration )
The Apple iMac G5/1.8 20-Inch, along with the simultaneously introduced iMac G5/1.6 17-Inch and iMac G5/1.8 17-Inch, features a revolutionary design with the entire computer placed behind the flat-panel display in an integrated all-in-one enclosure approximately two inches deep.

Like the aluminium-clad Apple Cinema Displays, the "non-iSight" iMac G5 models are suspended by an aluminum stand with an adjustable hinge, and support the "Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) mounting interface standard" which makes it easy to mount the system directly on a kiosk, wall, or articulating arm.

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